Masternode made different

A 5 level Tiered Masternode


Story of Pentanode

Masternode made different

Pentanode is a Crypto-currency ecosystem based on a brand new concept, Tiered Masternodes.

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, Pentanode is a Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency using flexible collateral masternode system.

When standard crypto are using a fixed amount of coins as collateral, Pentanode offers to setup 5 different masternodes, granting 5 different staking rewards. The more you invest, the more you are rewarded. But we are also open to small budget, allowing everyone to setup masternode at low cost.

With Pentanode, you can setup a masternode with only 2500 coins, but if you want to go big, you can also setup a masternode with 25 000 coins. Of course biggest players get biggest rewards, a 25k masternode is rewarding as much as 17.5 times a 2,5k one.

If you like masternode coins, if you see masternodes like a nice passive income, Pentanode is made for you !

Don't hesitate to learn more by reading our reward system and go setup your pentanode masternode to get involved in our project and earn your share !

Reward ladder

Pentanode reward is based on Masternode type and block number. Let's see how this works :

Block number is lower than 15 000

Only Silver masternodes are activated but they receive Bronze masternodes rewards. Each block is generating 25 coins when mined, 20 goes to masternodes, 5 for stakers.
1440 blocks are mined every day, generating 36 000 coins to be shared between masternodes.

Block number is between 15 000 and 35 000

Only Silver masternodes are activated but they receive Gold masternodes rewards. Each block is generating 125 coins when mined, 120 goes to masternodes, 5 for stakers.
1440 blocks are mined every day, generating 172 800 coins to be shared between masternodes.

Block number is greater than 35 000

All masternode tiers are activated.

BronzeBronze masternodes reward : 20 coins/block.
SilverSilver masternodes reward : 50 coins/block.
GoldGold masternodes reward : 120 coins/block.
PlatinumPlatinum masternodes reward : 200 coins/block.
DiamondDiamond masternodes reward : 350 coins/block.


All blocks are also rewarding staking wallets with 5PTN/block.
Masternodes are automatically putting at stake all coins above their collateral.


Basic Specifications

Coin Name : Pentanode

Ticker : PTN

Coin Type : pure PoS

Algorithm : Scrypt

Functional Specifications

Max block size : 4 Mb

Block Time : 60 seconds approx

Blocks/Day : 1440

Minimum Stake Age : 2 hours

Coin maturity : 50 blocks

Max Supply : 100,000,000 PTN

Difficulty retarget : every block

Ports : Network 8558 - RPC 8557

Detailed Specifications

Value Tx : low fees

Transaction : Super fast transactions

Eco-firendly : no mining, pure Proof-of-Stake

Stealth addresses : Darksend Private Mixing

Private Encrypted : Desktop Blockchain Messaging

Low Premine : 4% total : 3% for Public sale - 1% for promoting

Legal Terms

Legal Disclaimer

Last updated: May 3rd, 2018

The information contained on Pentanode website ( ) website ( aka the "Service") is for general information purposes only.

Pentanode team assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the contents on the Service.

In no event shall Pentanode be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages or any damages whatsoever, whether in an action of contract, negligence or other tort, arising out of or in connection with the use of the Service or the contents of the Service. Pentanode team reserves the right to make additions, deletions, or modification to the contents on the Service at any time without prior notice.

Pentanode team assumes no responsibility for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental financial lost when its coin will reach exchange markets and will be subject to market volatility due to supply and demand.

All investments made on Pre-Sale phase are final and not refundable. Crypto currencies is a digital market which is know for being very volatile. If you choose to invest on Pentanode, choose wisely, and do not invest more than what you can afford to lose.

Pentanode is listed on an online exchange since 6th of June 2018, Pentanode team does not guarantee its coin price anymore; it is submitted to to laws of supply and demand and move every day.

External links Disclaimer

Pentanode website ( ) may contain links to external websites that are not provided or maintained by or in any way affiliated with Pentanode.

Please note that the Pentanode team does not guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of any information on these external websites.

Buy some Coins

Buy some coins

PentaNode is currently on Pre-Sale phase, this means the only way to get some coins and build a masternode is to buy coins.
We created different package to suit your needs.

Our coins are sold with a degressive price. The more you buy, the cheaper the coins.

Coin type Coin Price Coins in package Package Price Reward / block MN collateral
Staking packages $1/coin 100 to 500 coins $100-$500 5 coins
Bronze Masternode coins $0.9/coin 2 501 coins $2 250 20 coins 2 500 coins
Silver Masternode coins $0.8/coin 5 001 coins $4 000 50 coins 5 000 coins
Gold Masternode coins $0.7/coin 10 001 coins $7 000 120 coins 10 000 coins
Platinum Masternode coins $0.6/coin 15 001 coins $9 000 200 coins 15 000 coins
Diamond Masternode coins $0.5/coin 25 001 coins $12 500 350 coins 25 000 coins
Pentanode angel coins $0.475/coin 50 000 coins $23 750 Your choice... Your choice...
Pentanode divinity coins $0.45/coin 100 000 coins $45 000 Your choice... Your choice...

Get free coins

You can use affiliate link to spread the word about our Public sale.
Every time someone buy some PTN through your affiliate link, you earn a percentage of bought coins !

First time you affiliate someone, you win 1% of bought coins
Second time you win 2%, third time 3% and so on.
It's stackable until 5%.
For example, if 7 people buy through your affiliate link, you'll be capped at 5% reward.

How to generate your affiliate link ?

→ Your affiliate link is :

Share this link wherever you want, your blog, facebook, twitter, discord, bitcointalk, reddit, there's no limit.
If someone buys some coin through your affiliate link, you earn your share of it.

Spread the word ! Spread Pentanode !


Technical Roadmap

Pentanode Preparation and Launch April/May 2018

During March and April 2018, Pentanode is designed; during May 2018, Pentanode is launched.

Blockchain is starting, website and blockchain explorer are ready. Wallets are published on Pentanode website and Github, announcements are made on cryptocurrencies related websites like the famous Bitcointalk forum. Twitter account is starting talking about Pentanode and various Airdrops and Bounties are planned.

Pentanode masternode activation May 2018

First masternodes are activated.

From block#401 to block#15000, only Silver masternodes are activated. Each block is paying 25 coins when mined, 20 for masternodes, 5 for stakers. (Block before #401 are mined by Pentanode team for bootstraping and securing the blockchain)

Pentanode reward increase May/June 2018

From block#15001 to block#35001, Silver masternodes are still activated, but they get temporary Golden status, each block is paying 125 coins when mined, 120 for masternodes, 5 for stakers.

Read "reward ladder" section in "Informations" section for more details.

Pentanode tiered level activation June 2018

Full tiered level masternode system is activated.

Block #35000 is mined and we activate all tiers. Bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond masternodes are getting their full reward ! (respectively 20/50/120/200/350 coins)

Communication Roadmap

Pentanode Launch May 2018

During May 2018, Pentanode is launched.

We start promoting Pentanode on bitcointalk, twitter, facebook, reddit and other social media.

We promote Pentanode through bounties, airdrops and signature campaign.

Pentanode is listed on masternode websites May 2018

For maximum exposure, we will list Pentanode on, MNProfits,, MNRank and other masternodes tracking websites.

Pentanode max exposure June 2018

We attract more and more investors by spreading Pentanode communication campaign through various social media.

We organize airdrops, bounties, and much more through Bitcointalk.

We launch video guides about Pentanode : Masternode setup video guides, Tiered masternode explanations, Blockchain exploration tutorials etc...

Online exchanges listing / Summer 2018

Masternodes are activated and Pentanode blockchain is running smoothly, we start listing Pentanode on various online exchanges like Cryptopia, Cryptobridge or CoinExchange.

PentaNode Airdrop & Bounties

We are running a Bounty Campaign to help promote Pentanode all over the internet.
Join the campain and help us by tackling various tasks to get your reward.

We also have a translation and video making bounties, go to "Download/Masternodes Guides" section to learn more !

We are also running reccurent Airdrops and Giveaways to help you getting started in Pentanode community.

PentaNode Statistics

Current Block Number


Active masternodes

Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything




You can download PentaNode wallet on this page or on Github release page.

Windows wallet (64 bits)

Windows wallet (32 bits)

Linux wallet (GUI)

Linux wallet (Daemon)

Max OSX wallet

Coming soon, dev at 75%

Smartphone wallet (IOS & Android)

Coming soon, dev at 35%

Please check your wallet (executable file, not zip file) SHA256 sum before using it. If sums are differents, contact PentaNode Team as soon as possible.
Windows wallet (64 bits) sum is : 0b3f08d6b02c71a919e8a08a4148cc0badadbe5897df3c534b69d36a1f46f3bb
Windows wallet (32 bits) sum is : 84cfe92a4d652b8ebdae81f4cf39a0946b666e2c26f0c770d853e2ca17dbf7ef
Linux wallet (GUI) sum is : f32ce133cbe31cb392151c46d9c3b304f3578db5986b8b2a4e60bf5b4ce45798
Linux wallet (Daemon) sum is : 55f19d0bb7fb0f37b11ce14bc7af555fe5475b8accf390c7523d29e3c2c2e87a

PentaNode guides

Any trouble installing and configuring PentaNode ? Check out our guides !

Video Tutorials

If our guides are too complicated for you, maybe you can try to watch our tutorial videos !

All our video are courtesy of our community member bigd#4843 on Discord server.
If you enjoy these videos, don't hesitate to tip him some coins on his Pentanode address : PfKu5Xzn76uxeqUp929YYgTuqPfaVSKfqR


Get some free PTN coins by helping us translating our guides !
Download this language pack file and translate each file into your mothertongue language.
Send it back to us by email and we will reward you with a $100 worth "Staking starter (100 coins)" pack.

For each language, as long as the translation in not published (flag is "turn-off" with no link), we will reward every translation received.
You do not need to "reserve" a language.
Once a language is published (flag is "turned-on" with active link), we will no longer reward translation for it.
We also reserve the right not to reward you if your translation is not of sufficient quality.


PentaNode Blockchain Explorer

PentaNode Blockchain Explorer

PentaNode online exchanges

We will try to list Pentanode on various online exchanges like Graviex, Cryptobridge, Cryptopia or CoinExchange.
Exchange list will increase with time if and when our coin is accepted.

Graviex Cryptopia Cryptobridge CoinExchange

PentaNode Community

Pentanode is represented on Twitter and Bitcointalk; our sourcecode is on Github. We are nowhere else, if someone is inviting your on slack or facebook or somewhere else, it's either a scam or a fraud.



The target block time is 60 seconds. Therefor, masternodes are mining around 1440 blocks per day.


Our wallets are available on our official Github
You can also download from our official website


A Masternode is a wallet that is working for the coin network, it is running 24/7, most likely on a VPS.
The purpose of a masternode is to verify and accept the transactions of it coin network. Each time a block is validated, the network choose a masternode and sends it a reward for its job.
In PentaNode's case, the reward is fixed by the size of your masternode. If you run a "platinum masternode", you will get much more reward than someone running a "silver masternode".


Not much. If you can read our guide and follow instructions step by step, we will guide you through the complete setup process.
All guides are available on this website, download section.


As explained in a previous question, the bigger your masternode is, the bigger the reward you get.
In PentaNode, there is "Penta", which means "five". In the vast majority of masternodes crypto-coins, you only get one level of masternode and rewards are changing along time.
In PentaNode system, rewards are fixed by masternode types.
Bronze masternodes gets 20 coins/block, Silver masternodes gets 50 coins/block, Gold masternodes get 120 coins/block, Platnium masternodes get 200 coins/block and Diamond masternodes get 350 coins/block.


Getting a bigger masternode also means you have to lock a bigger collateral. Masternodes are running only if you "lock" a specific amount of coins on it.
You can see this collateral as the key to turn on the masternode. You need this "key" to turn it on, of course you can turn off your masternode at any time and get you collateral back.
Collaterals for PentaNode masternodes are : 2500 coins for Bronze masternodes, 5000 coins for Silver masternodes, 10000 coins for Gold masternodes, 15000 coins for Platinum masternodes and 25000 coins for Diamond masternodes.


Yes ! let's try an example , bronze masternode vs diamond masternode.
For the Bronze masternode, you get 20 coins each time you get a reward and you need to have a 2500 coins collateral.
For a Diamond masternode, you get 350 coins each time you get a reward and you need to have a 25000 coins collateral.
Let's do the math, if you lock 10x more collateral, you get 17.5x more reward payments. The collateral/reward ratio is not linear to give a bonus to biggest investors.
Why ? Because biggest investor are locking biggest collaterals and are ensuring a biggest stability for the network.
In terms of pure ROI, Bronze masternodes get their collateral back with 125 rewards (125x20=2500) whereas Diamond masternodes get their collateral back with only 72 rewards (72*350 ≈ 25000).


We can not answer that. That's your investment, your choice. This is your money your putting in our technology, we do not give financial advices.
But keep in mind that biggest masternodes have quickest ROI and there's another bonus, when you buy our coins to build a masternode, the biggest you buy, the cheapest a coin is.
Have a look in our official website, "Buy section" and you will see that buying a bronze Masternode cost $0.9/coin, whereas buying a Diamond masternode cost $0.5/coin.


That's a great idea ! We explained how masternodes gets their rewards, but there is another type of reward : Staking rewards !
A staker is someone who has some coins in his wallet, and put them at stake on PentaNode network.
Once again, every time a block is mined and validated by a masternode, a random staking wallet is chosen to get a smaller reward.
The more coins you're putting at stake, the more chance you have to be chosen. Staking reward is 5 coins/block.
You should put your wallet at stake and grab as much reward as you can, then one day, when you will have your 2500 coins, you will be able to build a Bronze masternode !


We have 3 different packages on our "Buy" page to start a staking wallet, 100 coins, 250 coins and 500 coins.
Get the one you want to start your staking process. The more coins you have, the more frequent you will get staking rewards.


Yes, there are a few ways to get free coins. There are Airdrops and various Bounties.
There is also the translation bounty. If you go to our website, in the "Project" page, you will see we have various guides waiting to be translated.
If your mothertongue is not english and you can do this translating job for us, you will get paid with a stash of free coins. You can also get free coins through our referral program


The only way to buy PentaNode coins is through this website, go to the "Buy" page, choose the package you want and proceed to the payment.
We accept Bitcoin and Ethereum payments. Each masternode package is sent with a bonus free coin for you to handle the transfer fees when setting up your masternode.


Please allow some time for your transaction to be proceeded. 99% of all transactions are validated in less than 24 hours.


It is sometimes hard to find good nodes providing decent connexion to the network.
You can add official PentaNodes relay nodes in config file to help synchronization.
Open your PentaNode.conf, add the following lines, then restart your wallet.


If your wallet is still not syncing, go to our blockchain explorer at go to masternode tab and add more nodes by adding running masternodes IP into your config file.


You can use your affiliate link to spread the word about our Public sale.
Every time someone buy some PTN on our website through your affiliate link, you earn a percentage of these coins !

First time you affiliate someone, you win 1% of bought coins.
Second time you win 2%, third time 3% and so on.
It's stackable until 5%.
For example, if 7 people buy through your affiliate link, you'll be limited to 5% reward.

How to generate your affiliate link ?
Just go to our website, on the "buy page" and scroll down, you will find a form to generate your link.
Or, simply copy paste this link :

Contact PentaNode Team

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